The Owners at Renaissance are members of the Association. Annually all members meet and vote to elect the Board of Directors, which oversees the Association. On a rotating basis at the annual meeting held in late February each year either two or three members of the Board are elected for two year terms. If members of the Association cannot attend the annual meeting, they can submit their ballots so that a quorum will be present.

The Board has the ultimate responsibility for operating the Association. That includes but is not limited to collecting Association dues, paying bills, enforcing the rules and regulations; basically operating and managing the Association efficiently. To meet this commitment the Board collaborates with a professional General Manager and three standing committees: Finance, Grounds and Social. These committees are composed of Association members who volunteer every year to serve on the committees with a Board member as a liaison.

The current officers of the Renaissance Board of Directors are:

  • Larry Stambaugh, President
  • Wolf Bielas, Vice-President
  • Lisa Roth, Treasurer
  • Dan Eaton, Secretary
  • Rob Kohn, Member at Large

The Board of Directors generally meets every other month on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the North Tower Community Room; all members of the Association are encouraged to attend.

Board Meeting Minutes


Annual Meeting Minutes February 22, 2017.pdf
April 12th 2018 mins.pdf
April 20 2017 mins.pdf
August 20th 2018 mins.pdf
August 7th 2017 mins.pdf
January 23rd, 2018 mins (ns).pdf
June 13th 2018 mins.pdf
June 7th 2017 mins.pdf
October 17th 2017 mins NS.pdf
October 8, 2018 Mins.pdf
Recessed Annual Meeting Minutes April 19th 2017.pdf